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The Guide To Business Finance

Are you thinking of expanding your business but not really sure where to start? Our guide to business finance will give you all of the facts and tips you need to know to get you on the way to where you want to be.

Before deciding whether to undertake the business finance option, you should have a solid business plan of where you want to be and your visions and goals for your particular business. Not only does this allow you to understand more of what you want out of a finance agreement, but it will also give potential investors a more trustworthy and reliable gauge of what you want to use their money for. You need to ensure your business proposition is clear and relates well to your target audience but also be open-minded. You may not have thought of everything so allow for outside advice and other resources that might help you with your business plan, it’s always good to seek advice from others because as the saying goes ‘two heads are better than one’. Within your business plan that you will be presenting, you will need to consider information such as:

  • Summary highlighting the main points
  • Details of personnel and their responsibilities and skills
  • Your target audience
  • Market analysis of your business
  • Current and intended client base
  • Marketing plan for new or existing customers
  • Historic financial information
  • Cash-flow data
  • Financial forecasts highlighting the key underlying assumptions
  • Impact of downside scenarios
  • How much funding would be required

You need to make sure you are confident with your plan and show complete transparency when presenting it so any investor doesn’t think you are hiding anything from them, if there is no trust there is no deal.

There are a range of different types of business finance, one of the main types that Asset Funder offer is asset finance. This allows you to use the finance on items and equipment for your business that is usually unaffordable to buy outright. This way of financing provides security as the loan cannot be withdrawn during the life of the agreement. Also, another benefit is that businesses can replace or update equipment if they want to at the end of the lease period.

It would be hard to guide you on which type of business finance to use as there are advantages and disadvantages to all depending on the industry of your business and your business plan, so I’m afraid that research is down to you! There are different ways you could go about investing in advice, and particular independent advisors will have experience in many businesses not just one. For advice and experience from outside resources, you have a few options. The Government offer a few websites that have methods of support and details on different aspects throughout your journey. Business Mentoring and Business Coaching are also good investments when it comes to coming up with a strategy for your business plan and also support along the way through the process of getting business finance.

Here at Asset Funder, we can also support you in a different way. We can offer support about what the best choice of finance or loan would be the best suited to your needs and your business. The products we have to offer are business loans, hire purchase, finance lease, invoice finance, stocking loan and operating licence funding. If you decide asset finance is for you, we offer finance and funding in many sectors which contain a range of equipment. The sectors we offer are transport, cars, agriculture, demolition, green energy, technology, manufacturing and construction.

If you want some more information or some advice on business finance or how Asset Funder can help you grow and enhance your business, then either give us a call on 0800 999 69 62, email us at or simply fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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