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Manufacturing Finance from Asset Funder Can Help a Business

Running any sort of manufacturing business can be hard work, but taking out manufacturing finance from Asset Funder can help you to manage your cash flow and meet your investment needs with greater ease.

All manufacturing companies need to make regular payments to cover such overheads as raw materials needed for production, building and machine maintenance costs, utilities, insurance costs and employee wages, NI and pension contributions etc.

All major and essential outgoings can stretch your available cash flow to the limits, especially at times where you are waiting for outstanding and delayed payment for outgoing invoices.

There will be times where your cash flow will be stalled, but you will still need a cash reserve to be able to repair and upgrade your manufacturing machinery and equipment that is necessary for your business.

You will also need to remain in compliance with your health and safety responsibilities as well as stay one step ahead of your direct competition that is seeking to make ground on your business.

How manufacturing finance can help your business

You can fund your business with a manufacturing finance solution that is specially designed to help businesses working in the manufacturing sector. Asset Funder offers very flexible finance options to manufacturing and engineering businesses seeking help to manage their cash flow.

While a lot of business owners will look at reducing their overheads and to restrict their inventory to save some money, having a too restrictive inventory strategy could cost you dearly in production interruptions and downtimes that can result in lost revenue, lengthening and negatively affecting your resulting cashflow.

If you are in need of a new piece of essential machinery or equipment, are looking to expand to larger business premises requiring extra assets or want to upgrade your existing manufacturing equipment, you can look to taking out a manufacturing finance loan to help your plans.

There are many benefits to be had from securing manufacturing finance to assist your plans. These include:

·         Helping you to better manage your cash flow

·         Make tax savings for your company

·         Increase your productivity levels

·         Buy more up-to-date machinery and equipment

·         Spread the cost of purchasing new assets

·         Take advantage of special offers from suppliers

·         And many more!

Why choose Asset Funder?

When looking for manufacturing equipment finance it pays to work with a financial company that specialises in finance for manufacturing and engineering firms and has spent many years operating in the finance industry helping those in the manufacturing sector.

Our expert team at Asset Funder understand that the cost of running your business can be substantial, especially in the manufacturing sector where you need to continually invest in upgrading and maintaining your essential machinery, and plant equipment.

Asset Funder works with some of the most well-known and highly respected names in the manufacturing and engineering supply world in the UK and across Europe for both new and used machinery and essential manufacturing tools and equipment.

What can we use the finance for?

Because of our vast and in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing sector, we are able to work out a very flexible approach to your finance needs, including re-financing for your existing assets.

Our fast and friendly service offers you an expert- level of knowledge because we understand your needs better than any high-street alternative. We help a wide range of manufacturing and engineering companies with short and long-term equipment financing solutions.

Asset Funder manufacturing finance can be applied to a wide range of uses, including:

·         CNC machine tools

·         Grinders

·         Lathes

·         Milling machines

·         Moulding & cutting machines

·         Welding equipment

You can trust our long-standing financial expertise in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. This means we understand your challenges and can anticipate your needs. We have the long-term knowledge and experience to finance the assets you require.

If you are specifically looking to finance manufacturing machinery or equipment through hire purchase then there are many benefits to having finance in place for this reason, such as:

·         Less drain on your working capital

·         Low deposit amount so you can use the new asset right away

·         Better budgeting through fixed monthly payments

·         Greater flexibility over payment terms

·         It is an easier way to gain ownership of your assets

·         You can benefit from tax allowances for business owners

You can take advantage of the Annual Investment Allowance which enables businesses to offset new expenditure on qualifying plant and machinery assets against your working profits to reduce the amounts of Corporation Tax or Income Tax payable.

Manufacturing finance through Asset Funder is an extremely popular way to gain new machinery or equipment that is essential for your business operations.

We can fund almost any manufacturing or engineering asset with or manufacturing finance options. If you need more help or guidance, do not hesitate to talk to our friendly team about your requirements. We will be pleased to answer your questions and talk you through the very best finance options that are available to you!

We’re always willing to explain our finance solutions to you, so you can make a choice that is fully informed.

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