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UK Farm Finance

UK Farm Finance

Farmers need UK farm finance. The UK is known for its commitment to the agricultural industry. Even when new industries are constantly cropping up, farming remains as one of the backbones to the UK economy. This is even more true for rural areas of the country. If our agricultural industry is suffering, it’s usually a sign that other businesses are suffering, too. Moreover, we all rely on the industry to provide us with food, and there is always a push for consumers to buy more British produce and to eat seasonally and locally.

At Asset Funder, we have built a number of long-standing relationships with those in the farming profession, and we have learnt about the challenges that they often face. Consequently, we have offered UK farm finance to those who need it and have seen the positive changes that our financing produces.

What is UK farm finance?

UK farm finance is a way of helping farmers thrive. We know that developing and continuing a successful business is no easy task, and from time to time some may fall into unexpected financial difficulty. This is why Asset Funder have created our finance options for farmers. We want to support UK businesses and want those in the agricultural sector to know there’s no need to struggle alone. Our agricultural and farm finance solutions can be tailored to fit you because we know that every person we work with has specific needs and wants. If you’re looking to expand, extend, or diversify your agricultural business, you could benefit from UK farm finance.

Our UK farm finance can finance equipment including:

  • Tractors
  • Combine Harvesters
  • Farm Vehicles
  • Milking and Dairy Equipment
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Forestry Machinery
  • Solar PV

Many traditional farming methods have been replaced by more modern and efficient ways of doing things. The industry is always changing and those within it need to constantly adapt in order to yield the best results. With Asset Funder, you can get the most technologically advanced equipment to make your life a lot easier, and help your business do better. We know that your needs may change over time, and so we offer you solutions that are tailored to your needs. From important asset financing to short-term stocking loans, we have been able to help many in the farming sector to excel. Our friendly and personalised service helps to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your chosen type of finance.

Do I need UK farm finance?

UK farm finance may not be needed by everybody, but there are many businesses that could benefit from it. Whatever crops you’re planting or harvesting, our finance options could be good for you.

Climate change is a concern for all of us. However, those in the farming industry heavily rely on good weather for the success of their crops. The unpredictable British weather, paired with the evident effects of climate change, mean that agricultural equipment has to be available and operating at all times and this is where financing is a practical option for many farmers to ensure they can access the latest equipment.

Other economic pressures can also contribute to farmers considering UK farm finance. Economic crises usually catch us off-guard but it’s reassuring to know that your business is in a stable position. Furthermore, with the uncertainty of Brexit and the consequences it may have, many UK farmers are feeling the pressure to get their business in order and to prepare for the worst. This can be achieved by using Asset Funder’s financing options. Whatever size of farming business you have, Asset Funder can help you get the equipment that you desire.

You can also use our UK farm finance to simply increase your earning potential. There’s no reason to wait until your business runs into trouble to approach us. Even if you’re in the early days of your business, our finance could give you a helpful kick-start.

How can I get UK farm finance?

We understand how quickly the business world can move and know that if you’re searching for farming and agricultural finance, you’re likely to want it as soon as possible. That’s why Asset Funder can quickly provide you with your much needed business solution. With Asset Funder, you don’t have to deal with endless pieces of paperwork or provide lots of information that is difficult to obtain. Instead, there are only a few key steps that you need to go through.

Asset Funder’s UK farm finance

Our UK farm finance can help your business do well. Asset Funder has helped those in many different sectors, including those in the agricultural industry. By providing various financing options, you can find the best fit for you when using our company. Asset Funder operates to the highest standard, so you can also feel confident that you’ll receive friendly, professional and effective service. Whatever support you need, you will get expert service from our experienced team.

Contact Asset Funder for UK farm finance

If you need help getting UK farm finance, get in touch today. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about our services, we’d be happy to tell you more. We’re always willing to explain our finance solutions to you, so you can make a choice that is fully informed. Get the funding for your farm needs by calling us on 0800 999 69 62 or emailing We look forward to hearing from you.

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