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What Can I Use Manufacturing Finance For?

Asset Funder works in partnership with the most high-profile suppliers of new and used machinery and equipment across the UK and Europe. With our expert financial help, you can find the most cash-friendly solutions to fund your essential business assets.

Successful manufacturing companies rely on their swift and efficient production processes to help them meet their customer deadlines. Whether your operation is set up to supply made-to-order products, or to keep a consistent level of production to meet your supply and demand requirements, efficiency will help to keep you ahead of your competition. Efficient manufacturing companies retain a loyal customer base, and loyal customers will keep on buying from you.

Meeting with Supply and Demand

The ability to meet your supply and demand requirements depends on the reliability of your machinery. Mechanical breakdown will not only lead to frustration on your part but lost production will delay delivery to customers, which may result in a loss of revenue and future orders. Financing your machinery with one of our manufacturing finance options will enable you to replace older equipment that is prone to failure.

When you are under constant cash-flow pressure ensuring the smooth running of production lines is critical. However, no matter how up to date and efficient your machinery is, things can go wrong. Power cuts, sickness to staff, unexpected bills can all put a severe strain on your cash possibly resulting in your inability to meet creditor payments. This is where financing your assets can help. By spreading the cost of the machines over their useful working life you can free up the cash you would have used to buy them, leaving it available to call upon when things go wrong.

Asset Funder has provided a broad range of manufacturing and engineering businesses with a range of financing options for their machinery.

Machinery we have funded includes:

  • CNC machine tools
  • Grinders
  • Lathes
  • Milling machines
  • Moulding & cutting machines
  • Welding equipment

At Asset Funder, our manufacturing finance experts, understand the challenges needed to keep your productivity levels high without compromising on the quality of your products.

Why not contact our friendly team today to discuss your manufacturing finance needs. We are here to help!

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