Stocking Loan

Stocking Loan

Stocking Loan

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Testimonial - Manufacturing & Engineering

"Asset Funder provided us with a professional and efficient service.

The staff were very helpful and enabled the purchase of £400k worth of machinery to go through seamlessly.

John S, Manufacturing & Engineering

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A Stocking Loan, also known as purchase finance or inventory finance, is a great method of releasing capital against your inventory. Here are the some of the main reasons to apply for your Stocking Loan through Asset Funder today.

Why a stocking loan?

Stocking Loans have a variety of uses which are beneficial to your business. Stocking loan benefits include:

  • Timely acquisition of funds
  • Funds can be released against all kinds of stock including raw materials and work in progress
  • Suitable for seasonal retailers
  • Completely confidential

The benefits of a stocking loan through Asset Funder:

We provide a fast stocking loan turn around with your company receiving the funds in a matter of days for you to use as you wish. Our experienced team will do everything to make the process as easy as possible for you.

  • Fast Seamless Process
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Release otherwise tied up funds
  • Short Term Flexible revolving facility

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