Prestige Car Leasing, Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Prestige Car Leasing
Prestige Car Leasing
Prestige Car Leasing

From the smallest transaction to a high value super car or classic vehicle, Asset Funder always offers the most attractive terms. We understand that there are often time constraints on these transactions and deliver accordingly.

Financed cars includes:

  • Prestige car Leasing
  • Commercial vehicle Leasing
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Classic cars

How Asset Funder can benefit your business:

Our expertise – We understand your challenges and have the experience to fund the vehicles and other assets you require.

Cash flow management – you can keep funds to reinvest in your business and benefit from tax efficiencies.

Funding assets – we can fund almost any business asset, including your prestige cars and commercial vehicles.

Providing one-stop-finance – we bring the best terms in a seamless, hassle free process, and can continue to offer asset funding solutions as your business develops and grows.

Testimonial - Wendex Vehicle Rental

"Lee and his team at Asset Funder have been a tremendous help in finding suitable markets at competitive rates to help business grow in a bespoke niche market. Without their assistance we would not have been able to fund so high value vehicles. In addition to the niche market funding they have also assisted us in general day to day vehicle funding. Without them we would not have been able to grow our company."

Sean Eckton – Wendex Vehicle Rental