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Prestige Car Finance

From fleet cars to a high value super car or classic vehicle, Asset Funder always offers the most attractive terms. We understand that there are often time constraints on these transactions and deliver accordingly.

Prestige Car Finance can be used for:

  • Prestige cars
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Classic cars

How Asset Funder can benefit your business:

Our expertise – We understand your challenges and have the experience to fund the prestige cars and other vehicles you require.

Cash flow management – using prestige car finance you can keep your funds to reinvest in your business and benefit from tax efficiencies.

Funding cars – we can fund almost any business vehicle, including your prestige cars and commercial vehicles.

Providing one-stop-finance – we bring the best terms in a seamless, hassle free process, and can continue to offer vehicle funding solutions as your business develops and grows.

FAQ on Prestige Car Financing

Why finance prestige cars?

It’s not unusual to need some assistance obtaining high value vehicles, after all they aren’t cheap! This is especially true of prestige cars. High upfront costs can make high-end vehicles seem unattainable. However, prestige car financing offers an alternative solution that makes them more accessible.

Are prestige cars good for my business?

Although financing can help you obtain prestige cars for personal use, it can be useful for businesses, too. Prestige cars not only reflect a successful company but can be an attractive benefit to offer when looking to attract new employees.

Is it best to own or lease a prestige car?

Asset Funder works out your options to see what could be best for you. With the rate of depreciation that comes with buying a car (especially an expensive prestige car!), owning is not for everyone.

What cars count as prestige cars?

People often associate prestige cars with classic cars but today prestige cars include Range Rover, Porsche, BMW, Tesla, Audi, or Bentley. Additionally, supercars like Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren qualify as prestige vehicles, too.

How long does prestige car finance last?

That will depend on you. Some businesses prefer shorter periods to maintain the latest models in their fleet, whereas other businesses will prefer to spread the cost over a longer period to improve cashflow. Our prestige car leasing is available whatever the period. If you have specific requirement, do let us know and we will always do our best to accommodate these.

Are Asset Funder accredited?

Yes! We are a reliable company who are in a great position to help fund your next car. We take our job seriously and always want to be in the best position to help you. In our aim to give you the most accurate advice, and provide you with the most up-to-date solutions, we have been proudly accredited by The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) and The National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC). Additionally, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Licence No. 727218).

Why use Asset Funder for prestige car finance?

We pride oursleves on our expertise and great customer service. We have helped many people secure finance for their prestige cars. Furthermore, the relationships and contacts that we have built over our 20 years in the industry, mean that we secure some excellent rates and terms.

Contact Asset Funder to finance your Prestige Cars

If you need help getting car finance, get in touch today. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about our services, we’d be happy to tell you more. We’re always willing to explain our finance solutions to you, so you can make a choice that is fully informed. Get the funding for your business needs by calling us on 0800 999 69 62 or emailing us. Alternatively, if you'd like to get your finance approved today just click on the link below.

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