Construction Equipment Leasing

Construction Equipment Leasing
Construction Equipment Leasing
Construction Equipment Leasing

We work closely with many construction firms throughout the UK, providing finance for new and used plant as well as refinance of existing assets when required.

Our construction equipment leasing option is simple and quick so that you can make sure your construction firm keeps up it's good reputation with the highest quality, reliable equipment. We offer funds for a variety of equipment to suit your needs and our team is knowledgeable and can help with any question or query you may have. With an affordable monthly payment system we can make sure you always have the correct tools to get your jobs done without having to pay out a large one off payment. When it comes to construction equipment leasing, we're here to help!

Financed equipment includes:

  • Cranes
  • Dump Trucks
  • Excavators
  • Loading Shovels
  • Dozers
  • Concrete Mixers & Pumps
  • Scaffolding Equipment

How Asset Funder can benefit your business:

Our expertise – as experts in the construction industry, we understand your challenges and have the experience to fund the assets you require.

Cash flow management – you can keep funds to reinvest in your business and benefit from tax efficiencies.

Funding assets – we can fund almost any business asset.

Providing one-stop-finance – we bring the best terms in a seamless, hassle free process, and can continue to offer asset funding solutions as your business develops and grows.