IT Equipment Finance
Technology Equipment Finance

IT Equipment Finance

We work with some of the most respected banks and financial institutions. Always providing the most cash flow friendly terms for these types of business assets. Often with no deposit and allowing for upgrades during the course of the agreement to ensure your business has access to the latest technology in the market place.

Financing technology equipment through Asset Funder helps stretch your IT budget further by spreading the cost of new equipment.

Technology Finance can be used for:

  • Servers & Data Storage
  • PC's & Laptops
  • Software
  • Smart Phones & Tablets
  • Printers & Scanners

How Asset Funder can benefit your business:

Our expertise – we understand your challenges and have the experience to fund the IT Equipment you require.

Cash flow management – with technology finance you can keep your own funds to reinvest in your business and benefit from tax efficiencies.

Funding assets – we can fund almost any IT asset.

Providing one-stop-finance – we bring the best terms in a seamless, hassle free process, and can continue to offer IT funding solutions as your business develops and grows.

Contact Asset Funder to finance your Technology Equipment

If you need help getting finance for your IT assets, get in touch today. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about our services, we’d be happy to tell you more. We’re always willing to explain our finance solutions to you, so you can make a choice that is fully informed. Get the funding for your business needs by calling us on 0800 999 69 62 or emailing us. Alternatively, if you'd like to get your finance approved today just click on the link below.

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Testimonial - Eminence Logistics

“I have been with Lee and his team from the start of my business venture and they have provided an extremely fast and efficient service and their knowledge and advice is excellent.

I trust them totally with decision making and value our relationship of honesty and trust”

Colin Burman – Eminence Logistics